Bond Types

Cash only: This type of bond can only be processed with a cash deposit matching the full amount of the bond. For example a $10,000 cash only bond will only be processed if the jail receives $10,000 in cash.

Cash or Surety: This type of bond can only be processed by paying the jail $10,000 cash or securing the services of a Surety Agent, also known as a Bondsman. Bondsmen are privately contracted and are not employees of Branch County. A Bondsman must secure 10% of the bond by law, as well as charge a fee for their services, this fee varies among bondsmen. Bondsmen will also require a co-signer and may also require collateral against the value of the loan to include personal property. For example, in order to secure a bondsman on a $10,000 cash or surety bond, you could expect to give the bondsman $1,000 plus another few hundred dollars for their fee. You would also be required to co-sign as assurance to the bondsman that the inmate in question will report to scheduled court dates.

Ten Percent (10%) Bond: This type of bond requires that ten percent of the value of the bond be deposited at the jail in order to secure the release of the inmate. For example, a $10,000, 10% bond would require $1,000 in cash deposited at the jail.

P.R. Bond: Also known as a Personal Recognizance bond, this bond allows the inmate to be released by signing their name, thereby assuring the courts that they will appear at their next schedule court date. P.R. bonds are still assigned a cash value, but no cash is required. For example, a $10,000 P.R. bond would require the deposit of zero dollars to secure the release of the inmate.

Booking and Warrant Fees:

  • All bookings are charged $12
  • Anyone booked on warrants will be charged $10 per warrant.
  • These booking and warrant fees will be asked to be paid in addition to any bond to secure the release of the inmate.

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