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The office of the County Treasurer was established by the Michigan State Constitution (Article VII, Secton 4).

The four-year term of office is filled by partisan election. The duties and powers of the County Treasurer are provided by state law and by authorization of the county Board of Commissioners.

The two main roles of the County Treasurer are to be the custodian of all county funds and the collector of delinquent real property tax.

Additionally, the treasurer fulfills many other duties. The office is responsible for accounting for all revenue coming to the county. This includes revenue from the collection of delinquent property taxes; interest from the investment of idle funds in securities and monies held in financial institutions; reconveyance of property; certification of deeds, and selling dog licenses.

Some also serve as Treasurer and/or member of Building Authorities, Election Commission, Parks and Recreation Commissions, Library Boards, Local Development Companies, Economic Development Corporations, Retirement Commissions, Transportation Authorities, Airport Commissions, Planning Boards, Deferred Compensation Boards, Drainage Boards, and appointed Administrative Agents for Tax Administration Funds.

The functions of this office are dictated by state statutes, under the guidance of the Bureau of Local Government Services Audit Division and the State Treasury Department.

Please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 517-279-4321 or for more information.

To get the amount of your current property taxes (non-delinquent taxes), contact your Local Township, Village, or City Official.



Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm*
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Branch County Treasurer
31 Division St.
Coldwater, MI 49036

Meet the Staff

Steven Rutz

Kelli Talbot
-Chief Deputy Treasurer

Mandy Kuliczkowski
-Deputy Treasurer

Brooke Kline
-Deputy Treasurer