Adoption Costs

The adoption cost is $10.00. It is Michigan State Law that any animal adopted from a Shelter must get spayed or neutered. There is also a spay/neuter deposit of $50.00. An adult dog or cat adopted from a shelter has to be fixed within 4 weeks of adoption, a puppy or kitten within 4 months. After the animal has been fixed at a vet of your choice and the vet fills in the back of the adoption contract, return that contract to the Animal Control Shelter. A refund check will be mailed to you for the deposit amount of $50.00.

Health of Dogs

The majority of the dogs at the Shelter are stray dogs therefore we have no information as to their health status or shot records. We do strongly recommend that any dog adopted from the Shelter is taken to a vet of your choice and checked out completely and shots started. We also recommend that if you’re planning on rescuing a dog, that you have appropriate accommodation, shelter, and food provisions for the dog of your choice.

We disinfect/clean the Shelter each day to help prevent the spread of diseases. We also have a disinfectant foot dip everyone entering the Shelter must step into, that protects against bringing any disease into the Shelter or taking any disease home from the Shelter.


Animal Shelter

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