Nonsupport Warrants

Felony Nonsupport Criminal Warrants

A felony nonsupport warrant is a criminal matter and can only be resolved through the prosecutor’s Office or the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, depending on which department initiated it. The Friend of the Court has no legal authority to issue or resolve these matters. Contact with the issuing agency must be made. If felony warrants remain outstanding, you can be arrested in the United States and brought back to the State of Michigan for prosecution.

Civil Bench Warrants

What should I do if a Friend of the Court bench warrant is issued for my arrest?

You should contact the Friend of the Court (FOC) Case Manager immediately if the warrant was issued because you failed to appear for a Show Cause hearing concerning nonpayment of support or a violation of a parenting time order. Your Case Manager can discuss your options for resolving the warrant. If resolved by agreement, the warrant will be recalled and removed from the system. If a bench warrant is not resolved, it remains active in the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN). So long as it is active, an authorized police officer anywhere in Michigan can arrest you.

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If you have information about the person for whom a bench warrant or felony nonsupport case has been filed:

If you have information, contact the Friend of the Court Bench Warrant Officers at 517-279-5173 . The FOC often assists in the service of felony warrants. Your Case Manager can answer questions about the criminal process. Should you have information that can aid in the location of the person for whom the bench warrant is issued or in the service of the warrant, be assured that the FOC staff will keep any tips confidential.


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